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About Us

About UsAbout Us
I was brought up on a Suffolk smallholding, and started out as a shepherd, which gave me a feel for the nature around me. 
Coming from an artistic background, the great storm of '87 inspired me to learn how to create pieces of furniture.
As I couldn't find an apprentiship, I took a course in furniture making at a local college, which wasn't easy as I'm quite severely dyslexic. 

I've  now been a self employed furniture maker for nearly 20 years.
We plant hardwood trees here annually, and only use storm damaged or locally felled trees for our designs.

My interest in steam bending started about 10 years ago. 
Modern technology discourages us from working with nature, but once you employ curved wood, use of machines becomes superfluous. To work by hand is to work with the wood, being more in tune with its organic feel. I find this approach more natural.